. . . one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.
—John 9:25

I attempt to explain to you the happiness of following Christ: the excitement, the excitement, the enjoyment– knowing where I have actually come from, why I’m below, where I’m going! There’s a factor for presence. There’s a reason for getting up every early morning of the year. I attempt to inform you what I have actually found in Jesus Christ, as well as in studying the Scriptures and also strolling with Him, and you state, “I can’t see that!” Obviously, you can’t. You are blind. Attempt to describe television to a blind male. He can understand a little of it, but it doesn’t make good sense to him. Attempt to describe a sunset to him. He’s blind to it. The scales have to be eliminated from your eyes, and also only Christ can do that. He can remove them today and also you can start living and also seeing a whole new globe that you never understood existed, if you will let Him open your spiritual eyes.



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