. . . may the God of peace . . . produce in you through the power of Christ all that is pleasing to him . . . 
—Hebrews 13:20,21 (TLB)

When I was a boy, radio was simply maturing. We would gather around an unrefined homemade set and turn the 3 tuning dials in an effort to establish contact with the transmitter. Commonly, all the noise that appeared of the amplifier was the squawk of static; but we knew that someplace out there was the undetected transmitter, and also if call was established and also the dials remained in modification, we might listen to a voice loud and clear. After a very long time of tiresome adjusting, the far distant voice would instantly break through as well as a smile of accomplishment would certainly illuminate the faces of all in the room. At last we were listened!

In the discovery that God established between Himself as well as us, we can discover a brand-new life as well as a new measurement of living, yet we must “tune in.” There are higher degrees of living to which we have never attained. There is peace, satisfaction, as well as joy that we have actually never ever experienced. God is attempting to appear to us. The heavens are calling. God is talking! Let guy listen to.


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