From the rising of the sun, to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is the be praised.” – Psalm 113:3

We have a lot to applaud God for, there’s world power in providing honor to Him. And a lot of you live that truth out, every single day of your lives. The Scriptures is full of instances of appreciation when we see His power launched – life-altering wonders, dramatic stories of the opponent being halted or defeated, hearts being altered as well as attracted closer to Him.

Yet fact is this way frequently, daily battles or consistent life needs can crowd out our appreciation to God. We may check the praise box at church and somehow believe we’re good for the week. And also all the while, with spirits remote and chilly, we sing words, we pay attention to songs, then we go residence.

Sometimes it truly is a sacrifice to offer praise. We may not really feel like it. We’re battling. We’re fatigued. Or maybe, we seem like He allow us down. We assume God appears far-off, like he’s far, or doesn’t truly respect what’s troubling us. Excruciating life blows as well as losses may have lately sent us spiraling.

We have a choice on a daily basis in this life. To live absorbed in fear and also tension, on the fast lane of active, concentrated only on what borders us, tuned into the holler of the globe.

God desires our whole heart. He waits on us to return. He wishes for us to recognize the power of His visibility over our lives. He wishes to bless us more than we can visualize. His Spirit advises us forward, calling us closer.

May He help us to seek out … open our mouths … and sing.

Dear God,

We praise you today with our hearts and songs, we praise you for your faithfulness, we praise you for your great power and love. We confess our need for you, our lives don’t go so well when we just spin around on our own. We struggle and worry, get weary and worn. Yet you never leave us. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your care over us, thank you that you breathe renewal right into our souls. We ask for your spirit to fill us, to draw us close to yourself, and to work your purposes through us, as we set our eyes on you.

In Jesus’ Name,


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